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    Enter into the most intense virtual hunting experience ever created!

    Communicate, trade and compete online - with the first-ever hunting game that includes in-game tournaments!

    Gamers and hunting fans alike will venture to most of the world's most prestigious hunting locations in pursuit of the most exotic and sought after big-game trophy animals. Virtual hunters can now enter different modes, such as stealth or adrenaline, or employ an array of master hunting strategies, including building stands and blinds, to track and shoot their targets.

    Deer Hunter Tournament provides numerous levels of gameplay, allowing hunters to embark on scouting missions designed to explore maps and equipment while studying animal habits. Hunters can also take part in hunting tutorials, compete in open hunting sessions and participate in either solo gameplay or the intense multi-player tournaments.

    *The original, best-in-class virtual hunting game is back!
    * First time ever Tournament Functionality built into a hunting game! Compete for prizing, incentives and bragging rights!
    *More prey, more locations and more weapons!
    *Complete immersion: different prey, natural environments, multiple weapons, dangerous animals, realistic effects, scouting, tracking and tutorials, map creation and trading, user chat and forum!
    *Amazing special features including bullet time (slow motion replay), thermal scopes and ragdoll physics
    *Advanced animal AI with true-to-life animal sight/hearing/smell, behavorial patterns and more
    *A realistic hunting sim, not an arcade experience! Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part01.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part02.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part03.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part04.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part05.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part06.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part07.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part08.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part09.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part10.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part11.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part12.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part13.rar Deer_Hunter_Tournament.DEATHRS.part14.rar


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