Pro Cycling Manager 2009


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    Pro Cycling Manager 2009

    Post  rilind on Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:49 am

    Pro Cycling Manager Tour de France 2009 is the perfect mix between management and sport simulation. It puts you in the shoes of the general manager of one of the 65 official cycling teams and asks you to handle everyday aspects of this position. Choice of teams, transfers, trainings, finances, gear or searches for new talent, many various missions are required to position the most competitive team on the starting line. During the 180 races playable in real time 3D, you intervene directly to guide your cyclists. It’s up to you to define the best strategies and tactics to win the race. Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part01.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part02.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part03.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part04.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part05.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part06.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part07.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part08.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part09.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part10.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part11.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part12.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part13.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part14.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part15.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part16.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part17.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part18.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part19.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part20.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part21.rar Pro.CM2009-SKIDROW_MONOCH.part22.rar

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