Streets of Moscow


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    Streets of Moscow

    Post  genti on Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:43 pm

    Streets of Moscow is a sequel to the critically acclaimed
    racing/show game A-Race: Extreme Show. Only this time the reality show is over and the game hits the streets of Moscow. This is the world of reckless high-speed races during rush hour, crazy stunts and nighttime drag competitions. Huge environments are jammed with cars to be avoided or crashed into. Streets of Moscow gives you a chance to achieve everyone's biggest dream - press the pedal to the metal and forget about the traffic you are sitting in. Take part in street races, upgrade your car and become famous among other drivers. But remember - the police also have good drivers...

    - Huge collisions on the streets, hundreds of cars on screen at once
    - Freedom to choose your own route
    - Real Moscow, real streets - a part of Moscow is thoroughly modeled in the game
    - Night and day dynamic cycle
    - Detailed car damage system
    - New physics engine capable of calculating mass collisions
    - Over 25 exclusive sport cars to tune
    - Role-playing elements as driver upgrades their skills
    - Different game modes, including various multiplayer options

    Minimum System Requirements
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP2
    Processor: Pentium 4 at 2 GHz (or comparable)
    Memory: 512MB RAM
    Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 128MB or ATI Radeon 9800 128MB
    Hard disc: 3 GB free disc space

    Recommended System Requirements
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP2
    Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.2GHz or Pentium 4 at 2 GHz with Ageia PhysX
    Memory: 1GB RAM or more
    Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 512MB or ATI Radeon 1900XT 512MB
    Sound card: Sound card with multi-channel sound support 5.1
    Hard disc: 3 GB free disc space

    Install Notes:
    1. Unpack release
    2. Mount image or burn it
    3. Install game
    4. Play the game

    Release Name: Streets.of.Moscow-SKIDROW
    Size: 1.78 GB 1DVD



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