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    Wolfenstein 3D is the granddaddy of all first-person shooters; a fitting description considering that since it debuted in 1992 it's fair to say a sizeable percentage of today's shooter audience was still in their diapers, and another large chunk wasn't even born yet. This may be why Activision, id Software, and Raven Software wound up naming this entry in the franchise simply Wolfenstein. That's because the companies view this as a new Wolfenstein game aimed at today's gamers who may not know the franchise, but one that also includes all the elements that fans have come to know. We got our first look at Wolfenstein in action just prior to QuakeCon in Dallas, and here's what it's about.

    This isn't a remake of the original Wolfenstein, and this new game is set immediately after the events of 2001's Return to Castle Wolfenstein. You once again take the role of Allied super soldier William Joseph "BJ" Blazkowicz as he takes down Nazis and demons during World War II. Yes, that's right. The Wolfenstein games have always been a bit like Raiders of the Lost Ark in how they blend history with the supernatural, so in addition to mowing down legions of Hitler's finest you also have to tackle the paranormal as well. This isn't just another World War II shooter, though it's clear that Raven has picked up some tips from recent games. razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part03.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part04.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part05.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part06.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part07.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part08.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part09.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part10.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part11.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part12.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part13.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part14.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part15.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part16.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part17.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part18.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part19.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part20.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part21.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part22.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part23.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part24.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part25.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part26.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part27.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part28.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part29.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part30.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part31.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part32.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part33.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part34.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part35.rar.html razorwolf.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part36.rar.html

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