Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box


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    Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

    Post  rilind on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:39 am

    Fast and furious arcade racer translated to the PC with great care. The Ultimate Box tosses in plenty of freebie additions and the ongoing content development ensures that Burnout Paradise won't end up gathering dust after the first few weeks. Has that magic "one more race" feel and is easily one of the best arcade racers on the PC. Burnout.Paradise.part01.rar Burnout.Paradise.part02.rar Burnout.Paradise.part03.rar Burnout.Paradise.part04.rar Burnout.Paradise.part05.rar Burnout.Paradise.part06.rar Burnout.Paradise.part07.rar Burnout.Paradise.part08.rar Burnout.Paradise.part09.rar Burnout.Paradise.part10.rar Burnout.Paradise.part11.rar Burnout.Paradise.part12.rar Burnout.Paradise.part13.rar Burnout.Paradise.part14.rar Burnout.Paradise.part15.rar

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